Let the E.V.P. Team Help You Increase Your Sales  by Using An Optimized Website and Our E.V.P. Mechanism. 

Health Coach

Owner- Montessori School 

The EVP Team was very professional in dealing with their client. They assessed my business first, they audited my website for free then they came up with a FREE STRATEGY! 
They are awesome EVP worth referring to all entrepreneurs. 



What You’ll Get During This Free Strategy Call With Me.

During our call, I will be asking some questions in order for me to understand your business model, business needs, and business goals.
From there, I will assess if we can help you or not.
Don't worry, you are not gonna waste your time because I have lots of freelancer friends whom I can send your way if that happens. 
Once we are done, we will prepare the necessary strategy for your business so you can either ask someone to execute for you or if you want us to implement.
Be assured that I am not going to sell to you anything unless you decide to work with us. 

What You’ll Do Before the Call

Before the call, I will be checking on your social media sites and analyze your brand, your offer, your social media engagements.

Therefore be sure to book a call using my scheduling app so we will be reminded together of the necessary preparations. 

What Happens During the Call

During the call, I will be asking you what is the biggest challenge, what have you done to resolve it, what was the result?

I hope that you will get clarity about your business and your goal so we can proceed to the next step.

What Changes After the Call

After the call, I will prepare a strategy in order to address the identified problems and goals. 

Expect a copy or a video walkthrough of the strategy within 3 days 


(Entrepreneur's Virtual Partners) 

We are the EVP team working as ONE!
We consider our clients as the C.E.O of their business and we work as their E.V.P. online.
Meaning, from beginning to end, we need to understand, assess, plan out and strategize everything before starting any project.
It is our MISSION to help every entrepreneur who is technologically struggling in scaling their business. But, we don't just help with the tech part...because we are tech-savvy DIGITAL MARKETERS!!!

EVP Febrina

Content & Email Copywriter

EVP Web dev

Website Designer & Developer


Chatbot Strategist  & Facebook Ads 

Join the Wait List Now. Let’s Discuss Further What's Your Single Biggest Challenge  So I Can Assess Your Needs and Goals. From there, let's STRATEGIZE on how to scale your business to the NEXT LEVEL.