Looking for a Virtual Assistant? There are 2 slots open for YOU!

Hi, this is Divine, your enterprising Virtual Assistant from the Philippines. I have helped a handful of start-up entrepreneurs like health and body positive coaches in setting up their online presence by creating a conversion -focused and SEO-ready WordPress websites integrated with their social media accounts. In three months time, their email list tripled instantly and their respective businesses started to grow exponentially.

I would like to help you too!

How Do I Exactly Help You?

Three Major Services…

     WP Website  Management

              Landing Page Creation     

              Basic on-page-SEO

Your potential clients are looking for your products and services so where can they find you?

By creating your website, your products and services will be exposed to a larger audience. Through it, you can already inform or educate and give value to your target market.

Since it is online, you can already reach out to more people all over the world and make an unstoppable income! Of course, this will take a lot of your time whether you are a techie or not. Instead of doing it yourself, just leave it all to me after discussing your business.

Never start your marketing ads campaign so you won’t waste your time and money without setting up your landing page first!

In your landing page, you’ve got to have one goal only and that is to capture the email of your visitors. Be sure to give something for FREE in exchange for their email so they will leave it without thinking twice.

In order for you to do that, you have to set up an email catcher and an email marketing automation or sequence tool for future marketing.

Since you are busy then let me help you in setting it up!

Your website should be optimized to maximize traffic to your site.

That means, prospects and target market should be able to search your products and services.

It is my contribution to your business growth and development if your website ranks high and it shows up at the top of the search engine results.

All these things start with an in- depth keyword research. Again, you are busy networking for your business so let assist you in achieving this

These are the major services that you can avail to help you get started with your digital online marketing. You need to have a well-established website that is SEO ready so that it will be available in the first pages of all the search engines. Your conversion focused landing page must be established before any marketing endeavor, thus, an email catcher should be set up too for email list building and future email marketing campaigns.  I strongly believe that starting your online digital marketing with these as the cornerstone, you are guaranteed to attain an unstoppable business growth and steady income.

 Satisfied Clients Say…

“If there is one person who can balance being a go-getter and a go-giver, it is Divine. She gets things done in a timely manner, looks for ways to make things happen, and deals with difficult situations easily. At the same time, she makes sure to add value to the lives of others by going the extra mile and by passionately helping them achieve their goals. It is truly great working with someone who has your back!”

Maricel Olleres

School Head, Alabang Montessori School

“It was a pleasure having Clara assist me in transferring my website platform from Wix to WordPress – she worked diligently in order to make sure that we met the deadlines required for my launch.

Clara was always working towards making my site the best it could possibly be and frequently made improvement recommendations for SEO and design recommendations.  She is a pleasure to work with.”

Shannon Svingen-jones

CEO /Founder, FabUplus Magazine

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